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Sakai Kobo offers 2 member courses: Regular Course and Extensive Course.

    Regular Course
  • In this course you can take a lesson once a week, four times a month (the fifth week is a holiday). You fix the days of the week, but you can change them if needed. The estimated time for one class is 3.5 hours(Total 12 hours in a month) . For beginners, we offer a curriculum for beginners so that you can learn from the basics step by step.
  • Fee: 10,000 JPY per month
    Extensive Course
  • This is the course where you can use the studio at any time during the opening hours of the studio.
  • For those who want to concentrate on creating works before the exhibition, it is possible to temporarily change your course from the regular course to the extensive course.
  • Fee: 15,000JPY per month.
    Trial Course
  • If you have interest in Trial Course, please contact us via email. The hour of Trial Course is 2 hours. The fee is 2,500 JPY.
  • Please bring clothes and towels that you don't mind getting dirty. Please note that we do not offer potter's wheel course in the trial course.

Additional Fees

In addition to the monthly fee above, the following fees will be charged.

  • Admission fee: 5,000JPY. This is charged only when you join the school at the first time.
  • Equipment Support Fee: 5,000JPY. This is also charged at the time of joining.
  • Materials fee (including clay and electric kirn): charged per production. Around 600JPY per Tea cup
  • Electric potter's wheel: As to the usages of electric potter's wheel, we offer tickets(2,500JPY in 10 tickets.) We also offer unlimited plan for who want to use electric potter's wheel a lot before exhibitions. Regular Course: 1,000JPY per month and Extensive Course: 1,500 JPY per month
  • Trial Course is not charged with these fees.
  • We only accept Cash. No credit card is available.